Welcome to the world of INM Therapy.  This treatment type was explained previously
and this is your opportunity to explore this dynamic treatment in person for yourself. 
Please fill out the registration form below and send it back.

Classes will be presented on the second weekend of the months of July, August and September. 
The classes will consist of 18 hours of hands on work on Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM until 5:00 PM.

To register for this class you must be licensed or certified in the state which you practice, and must have at least
1,000 hours of hands on experience prior to registration.  Additionally, there is the opportunity to become certified
in this technique. This allows you to use the trademark INM Therapy in all of your advertising.

To qualify as a certified practitioner of INM Therapy, you must perform 100 hours of INM Therapy and document these treatments on the forms provided.  No other forms will be allowed.  Once complete, you will also be required to perform a
series consisting of three (3) treatments for specific conditions outlined by the instructor.

Years Licensed/Certified


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Phone #
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Method of payment:
Visa Mastercard Discover Card No. Exp.

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Registration fees:

18 hour course $300.
Certification $250.